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Healthy Camping or Road Trip Foods

Paleo and gluten free foods that don’t need refrigeration for a road trip or campout- Last summer we packed up the suburban and headed for a forest service cabin in the Rocky Mountains. Forest service cabins are a great, inexpensive way to lodge remotely yet comfortably (at least more so than in a tent…at the […]

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Laying under the sky

Turning Over a New Leaf in Writing

A few weeks back I was giving my girls their vitamins when I read on the packaging “servings individually packaged for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.” On-the-go lifestyle? Is that what I’m living? Maybe I’m totally reading into this but a life based around something other than home and family, other than steady habits and occasional times […]

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Hammocking with Kids

Hammocking with Kids: Q&A

This week I did a short Q& A with my friend, Sophia, to find out more about her experiences hammocking (setting up and hanging out in a hammock). Sophia has a 10-month-old-son and makes amazing nature-inspired jewelry at that can be found at her Etsy store. Q:  Where have you been hammocking? A: Declan and […]

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Ditching my smartphone

Why I [didn’t] ditch my smartphone

I wrote this post several months ago (actually the week before we moved out of our apartment). Some of you may have read it already because I accidentally posted it rather than saving it as a draft as I intended…computer genius that I am. I got busy with the move and didn’t make it to […]

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